A Highland Games novella, Book 1.5

Chris Weir is terrific with his hands. Whether it's wielding a shovel during his landscaping day job, or pouring energy into playing the fiddle, he is both skilled and passionate. Though he's a musical prodigy, his past mistakes have narrowed his future, and he's accepted the fact that the chances of getting out of his tiny hometown of Gleann, New Hampshire are slim.

In the midst of turning his life around, the girl he secretly crushed on in high school returns, forcing him to reevaluate who he was and who he is meant to become.

Maisie Blackwood never wanted to leave Gleann. Her wealthy parents hated seeing their smart, obedient little girl being drawn into the small-town party scene, so six years ago they sent her away. Now, after graduating college, she's back in town slinging fish and chips and pulling pints at her family's historic Scottish-style pub. She's made her own mistakes, and her plan is to help out her grandparents until she can find her own path.

Gleann is only supposed to be a rest stop, but then she meets Chris and discovers that the only thing more powerful than his gift for music is his heart.

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Hanna Martine Books LLC, 2014, ISBN-13 978-0-9904934-3-3