The Elementals Book 3

Hidden in the Hawaiian islands, there is magic pure enough to heal a broken heart...

In his last audience with the Senatus, Griffin hoped to establish a connection between his water-wielding race and the other elementals. Instead, he found himself drawn into a forbidden affair with the Chimeran general Keko. When it ended in a storm of fire and ice, Griffin was banned from the Senatus and Keko was stripped of her status.

Just as Griffin is given a second chance to prove himself worthy of a Senatus seat, he gets a call from Keko. Despite how it ended between them, she wants to hear his voice one last time before embarking on a suicide mission to save her people and redeem her name.

Despite her good intentions, members of the Senatus want her stopped—and Griffin volunteers to go after her. As he tracks his former lover through the untamed Hawaiian wilderness, she leads him straight to the source of all fire magic. But will the intense power they discover draw them back together or destroy them both?

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Praise for Drowning in Fire

"Martine is back with the third installment of her gripping and gritty Elementals series. This is one series that is only growing in richness and complexity!" 4 stars
   —RT Magazine

"A riveting and magical read that takes readers on an adventure."
   —Night Owl Reviews

"I was easily sucked in to Ms. Martine's out-of-this-world beings."
   —Under the Covers book blog

Berkley Sensation, April 2014, ISBN-13: 9780425267530